100% Satisfaction Guarantee Offered With All Of Our Commercial and Residential Cleaning

A finish of Lease Cleaning Service for Bond come Pre-Sale cleaning Service. Overall Regular cleaning Service, Carpet Cleaning Service, Window Cleaning Service, or Exterior House cleaning. The commitment to making sure you glad about the cleaning service. Proud to Be Your 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Commercial and Residential Cleaning Service.

Our commitment is to satisfy your cleaning service expectation Afterall with our 100 percent client satisfaction guarantee.


Menage Total Quality Control Cleaning System

Not to mention, to ensure our Menage Total cleaning teams keep quality at an optimum level. Not only but also we develop the Menage Total Quality Control System. The overall design is to provide long-term consistency for every customer. This house and office cleaning service dramatically edges our customers and is our benchmark of best observe after all.

Our valued customers are in a surprise the people they deal with at the Ménage Total Head Office has a direct line of contact. The cleaning team quickly resolve the issue. We encourage open communication and welcome the feedback from both customers and our highly knowledgeable Ménage Total cleaning teams.

Clear communication

In the first place, Menage Total encourages interaction between the Ménage Total franchisee and the customer, and Ménage Total Head Office. Overall by staying in touch with customers throughout the cleaning of the place. Menage Total and the franchise team can address and resolve the problem that arises, quickly and effectively overall.

Specialized cleaning training

Ménage Total cleaning team selection for the job is against the specification and requirement. For each new job, there is training to operate only in those areas. Whether the work that involves is light or heavy, straight forward commercial cleaning or specific to higher skill. Not to mention, Ménage Total is a team consisting of professionals to perform the cleaning work, and reliably. In the first place. With a database of experienced, qualified franchisees Ménage Total can source the necessarily required workforce for any cleaning job.

Ménage Total offers a comprehensive franchise product and public liability insurance. Overall, ensuring that the team is fully insured. View full cover insurance certificate

Menage Total provides highly trained cleaning teams across all aspects of Commercial and Residential cleaning

Residential cleaning, house cleaning, home cleaning, unit cleaning, or office cleaning service. From day-to-day cleaning tasks such as emptying bins, cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, vacuuming carpets and mopping floors. Not only but also handle a lot of specialized missions. Moreover, like window cleaning, carpet cleaning, to exterior house cleaning.

All Menage Total cleaning maids are trained to quote the job to the customer's request budget. Our group perceives that each client has completely different needs. Our job is to supply the best possible cleaning service for the purchaser's house, their unit, or their place of business.

100% Satisfaction Cleaning is Our First Priority

Complete and comprehensive cleaning that assures you 100% Satisfaction Cleaning. Your trust and satisfaction are some of the best rewards we get. Our cleaners and maids are well trained and experienced enough to perform all the office cleaning services and house cleaning tasks with full of dedication and concentration. All the tasks are performed under the supervision of our experienced managers. In short, we assure you 100% satisfaction cleaning.

Our Professional Office Cleaning Services

Ménage Total is the leading and the best residential and commercial cleaning company in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, North Shore, South Shore, Quebec, Lévis and suburb areas. We provide you all types of house and office cleaning services in these areas that you need. Our professional cleaning services include house cleaning, office cleaning, apartment cleaning, Airbnb cleaning, hotel cleaning, and rental property cleaning as well. We clean the newly constructed construction site, remove the clutter, debris, and garbage from the site. Our cleaning services include occasional cleaning, fast cleaning, spring cleaning, winter, and seasonal cleaning services. Seasonal cleaning mainly related to Airbnb and hotels.

There is a time when people want to spend their holidays and the take rooms on rent. At that time hotels and Airbnb need special cleaning services. They need services on a daily basis but during this period they get their space deeply cleaned. Our leading services are;

Deep Housecleaning

We are best known in these areas as the leader cleaning company. Our house cleaning services are exceptional and exceed your expectations. We have served a number of customers in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil in our tenure. They are fully satisfied with our house cleaning and office cleaning services and feel comfortable in hiring our services. So our deep house cleaning services include the following tasks;

  • Dusting
  • Floors stripping, and waxing.
  • Cleaning all the surfaces in your house like tables and desks.
  • Disinfecting the bathroom.
  • Deep kitchen cleaning services.
  • Floor cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, waxing, and mopping.
  • Walls cleaning, wiping off the dust and removing spots and smudges.
  • Windows cleaning services, cleaning the mirrors cleaning dust spots and removing dust from the sills of windows.
  • Furniture cleaning services, removing the rust from the stainless steel appliances and cleaning the wooden furniture.
  • Carpet cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, and washing the carpet.

These are our main tasks which we perform in cleaning a house. There are some other tasks that we perform like emptying the trash bins. Replace the trash bags and settle them very carefully. If you have a garden at your house. We Menage Total cleans and maintains that in a professional way.

Office and Apartment cleaning services

People who live in apartments get apartment cleaning services as well. So Menage Total is the leading cleaning company in apartment cleaning and office cleaning. We have a standard framework for cleaning tasks that are important in apartment cleaning. When you contact us for apartment cleaning we present that framework to you and proceed with that when you finalize it. So this work plan comprises each and every detail which you can consider in house, condo and apartment cleaning. Our important apartment cleaning tasks are;

  • Dusting from all the surfaces, computer desk, dining table, and other surfaces.
  • Mop and vacuum the floor, clean the dust spots.
  • Washes the floor if it is needed.
  • We use organic cleaning products for making a solution and washing the floor.
  • Clean the stairs of your apartment.
  • Empty the trash bins and replace the trash bags.
  • Cleaning the sleeping area.
  • Wiping off the dust from the ceiling, walls, and lights fixture.
  • Bathroom disinfecting work, sink cleaning, removing the blockage from the drainage, floor cleaning, soapy spots removing from the corners and grout.

In addition, we clean the refrigerator, oven, and other electronic appliances you have in your apartment. You may face a lack of time to clean your apartment yourself. If it is just let the Menage Total know. We have a team of professional maids and cleaners that are specially trained for apartment cleaning. We deal with apartment cleaning in a professional way and assure you a fresh, fragrant, and an ideal apartment to live.

Professional Office Cleaning

An office is a place where people spend most of their time. If it is unclean, unorganized, and cluttered the workers won't be able to focus on their work. You should provide them a neat, clean, and well-managed workplace. An organized, neat, and clean office plays an important role in motivating the employees to exert good performance and maintaining their motivation. So the cleanliness of the office important for the growth of your business as well. If you have maintained your office in a professional way it will give an impression of professionalism to the visitors and your clients. If you want to get your office professionally cleaned and maintained you should contact us. We provide you 100% satisfaction office cleaning. Our office cleaning tasks are;

Daily office cleaning tasks are:

  • Dusting, mopping and vacuuming the reception area.
  • Wiping off the dust from all the surfaces.
  • Organizing the clutter in a professional way.
  • Cleaning the bathroom.
  • Vacuuming and mopping the floor.
  • Cleaning dust and vacuuming the carpet.
  • Furniture dust cleaning.
  • Office entrance cleaning, mopping, and dusting

These are our professional cleaning services for office cleaning and commercial cleaning. Our cleaning staff cleans all these objects and things full of care and concentration. We are aimed to provide our customers with an ideal workplace to work there.

Garage Cleaning Services

Most of the people neglect the garage cleaning when they clean their space. One of the big reasons is that it has a huge amount of clutter. Arranging that luggage in a good manner is a headache. If you want to get your garage clean in a professional way. Just contact the Menage Total and experience exceptional and high-quality cleaning services. We assure your garage in a perfectly organized, neat, and clean state. If you want to hire our services you can contact at any time. We provide you with The Montreal Maids cleaning services at different contracts like daily, weekly, biweekly and monthly cleaning services. So feel free in contacting us if you want to visit our office you can visit anytime in working days. Our unique features provide customers 100% satisfaction cleaning. We feel pleasure in serving you according to your needs and requirements.

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