Why Choose Menage Total As Your After Party Cleaning Services?

The last time you had a party at your house, your hangover the day after took a new direction. Why? The mess is scattered all-around in your home. So in most parties, plenty of people are uncontrollable, and that is why when it's over, the house becomes hell in the blink of an eye. You will start looking for a company providing you with a thorough cleaning service. Cleaning this whole mess is near to impossible but stops wondering about it. So you have got our Menage total after party cleaning services in Montreal Laval, and Longueuil. Therefore we don’t brag that we are the best when it comes to after-party cleaning, but what we do makes us unique, and that is why Canadians do keep coming back to us.

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Here are some of the main reasons why you should hire After Party Cleaning Services.

Complete Service

Our cleaning services do not despise any cleaning chores. So our cleaners are always ready to provide you with a vast range of after party cleaning services which exceed your expectations. It's one of our rule and code of conduct that we do not ignore any portion and even hard to reach part of your house we pay equal attention to each and every small detail. For instance, we wipe off the dust from the floor, tables, and all other surfaces in your house. So we aim to make sure that your house is left cleaner than it was even before the party began.


The time is a limited resource, and we don’t want to waste any of it. So if our terms and conditions are settled we start working at said time. We don't have any issues with your instructions. So other than that, you may want us to tidy the space up to a specific duration so that you continue with your regular endeavor. We shall never interfere in it. So if we were to complete the after-party cleaning by noon, be assured that that will happen with no interference or excuses.

Furthermore, Our Unique After Party Cleaning Services in Montreal are:

  • Affordable
  • Experience
  • Trustworthy
  • Fully Equipped

It is important for everyone to know that it is normal in friendship, formal, and every phase of life that people throw parties for their near and dears, friends and colleagues. Some invite them to their house and some entertain them in hotels. No matter what is the venue you want everything in a perfect state. If you are inviting them to the home you should have to organize and decore your home. If you are inviting them to the hotel it's not your headache.

When you throw a party at your house you have to keep your house neat, clean, tidy, and well-decored. Menage Total is the leading cleaning company in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil which offers you before party cleaning services and after party cleaning services. Before party services include all the cleaning chores and organizing your house as you want.

What are the after-party chores?

When the party is over and the show has come to its end you see that there is a huge amount of mess everywhere in your house. The most hectic thing is that the mess is all around your house and you don't have much energy to clean it thoroughly yourself. There may be spills on the carpet, walls, and roof as well. There is a huge amount of mess scattered on the floor. All the decoration which you have placed on the walls and the ceiling is on the floor now. It needs a lot of time and energy to clean it and you can not let your house in a messy state like this. If you have this problem and you want to get your house professionally cleaned just call the Menage Total right now.

Menage Total performs the following after cleaning chores.

Here is a detailed procedure that we perform in the after-party cleaning service;

Vacuuming and Dusting Works

There may be a huge amount of dust, dirt, and mess in the whole house. We start our cleaning procedure by vacuuming the whole house. First of all, we wipe off the dust from all the surfaces in your house. clean them thoroughly and then start vacuuming. It takes time to vacuum all the rooms, floors, and carpets. Menage Total possesses all the advanced and high tech machines to perform it at a faster pace. We have high power vacuums that make it easier to clean all the floors and carpets.

Disinfecting The Bathrooms and Toilets

It is one of the most sensitive things and needs cleaning services. The bathroom disinfecting takes a lot of time. Our professional cleaning staff is trained enough to clean the whole bathroom and all the objects in no time. Our professionals pay attention to each and every small detail which a layman ignores.

Sink cleaning;

We start cleaning the bathroom from the sink, removing all the objects from there and start cleaning in. Our use baking powder for cleaning spots and stains from the sink. It is an organic and health-friendly cleaning technique to deal with spots and stains.

Bathtub cleaning

There may be some soapy and greasy spots in your bathtub which are hard to remove. Our professional cleaning staff cleans them with care. We make a solution of warm water and chemical-free detergents and apply them in the bathtub. Rub it gently to clean all the spots and grease over there. If the spots are stubborn we use vinegar and baking powder to clean it.

Floor and grout cleaning

If the floor and grout it shows that the whole bathroom is cleaned. If there are soapy and scum spots on the floor, corners, and grout it looks that the whole bathroom is not cleaned. Our cleaners deal with floor and grout with care. They remove all the spots and stains from there and make it shine as it is new.

Kitchen Cleaning Work

It is one of the important cleaning chores in After Party Cleaning Services to clean your kitchen. There may be food crumbs, spills, and spots in your kitchen. It requires time and effort to clean your kitchen thoroughly. We have a perfect work plan for every size of the kitchen. Our cleaners clean deeply clean the kitchen and all the objects over there.

Removing dust from all the surfaces

In the very first attempt, we wipe off the dust from all the surfaces. There may be food crumbs and spills on the floor, countertops, and walls. Removing them is a tough thing but we clean them thoroughly and make sure no spot and stains are left behind.

Cleaning dishwasher, oven, and refrigerator

Your electric appliances need cleaning services when the party gets over. We have a comprehensive framework for cleaning these appliances. Our professional staff cleans them thoroughly remove all the dust, spots, and stains from them.

Carpet Cleaning

There are some objects that get more dirty, dusty, and messy carpet is one of those objects. Huge foot traffic comes on its surface and dust gathers on it. Dust and dirt cut down the threads of the carpet and harms the quality, color, and durability of the carpet. We have a list of tasks that we perform in carpet cleaning. Our cleaning staff first removes dust and vacuum it. After then we wash it using a solution of warm water and detergents which removes the stuck dirt and dust.

Floor Cleaning and Washing Works

There are some crucial things and objects that remain on our priorities in the cleaning process. Floor cleaning is one of them and we clean it with care and attention. The dust, dirt, and spills on the floor make stubborn and hard to clean stains. We clean them with care.

First, we vacuum it to remove all the dust, after then we use a solution and clean the dust and greasy spots from the floor surface. When we remove all the spots and stains we wash all the floors of your house.

Windows Cleaning

Windows also require cleaning services as the dust creates spots and smudges on the window mirrors. We use spray and a soft cotton cloth to remove all the dust spots from the mirrors. The window frames need to be cleaned and tidy. We remove dust accumulation from the whole frame.

Walls Cleaning Services

When the party gets over there maybe drink spills and stains on your house walls. These spots look awkward. Our professional cleaners clean these spots with care and attention without damaging the color of the paint. The baseboard also requires cleaning services you can not ignore its cleanliness. We remove the dust accumulation from there as well.

These are the important After Party Cleaning Services we provide you in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. Call us now and save your time and energy, experience the highly sophisticated and high-quality cleaning services. We assure you that you will never experience such comfort and satisfaction with cleaning services.

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