We offer the best and professional basement Cleaning Services in major cities like Montreal, Quebec,  Laval. Basements also act as a playing area for kids as it gives a wonderful arena for the kids. The basement clogging with water is a common fact. Even if there is a very small leakage in the water pipes. Moreover, the drainage pipe causes a harmful effect. Heavy rain or flood can fill the place with water.

Basement Cleaning Services

Why Should You Choose Us for Basement Cleaning Services?

Our professional basement cleaning service will enable you to make your basement clean and sparkling like new. Also, all our professionals have proper training and experience. So, they will be able to clean your basements with ease. Moreover, we will be able to remove all the fungi, molds and other microorganisms from the basement. The only way is by providing you with a clean and safe environment. You can easily hire our services from our website or by making a phone call and our expert team will provide you with cleaning services at your doorsteps.

Also, we do Carpet Cleaning Services

Whether your basement has turned into a storage unit for all your junk from over the number of years, or you're doing some clearing out to make room to finish your basement. We take out the junk rearrange the furniture and all other items and sweep up to make your basement look spotless. Giving you a comprehensive report of the wall cracks analysis, the experts would start working to repair basement crack. Along with the other items like concrete crack repair, foundation cracks, basement cracks, etc. very efficiently as per the needs.

Basement Cleaning Services Agreement

Before starting the work there are some terms and conditions which we settle with our customers. For instance, at which time they want their basement clean which time is suitable for them. Once a client gets our cleaning services he feels happy in hiring us again in the future. Most of them contact us on a weekly, biweekly and monthly basis Basement Cleaning Services.

Paperwork is necessary for every type of cleaning work. Our cleaning services are exceptional and exceed your expectations and this is for sure that you will be fully satisfied with our services. We proceed with mutually acceptable terms and conditions. Even that we follow your instructions in cleaning your basement. Client satisfaction and loyalty are some of the best rewards we get against our services. We have huge customer equity in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil in the last years of services. So all the customers that partner with us feel cent percent satisfaction, safety, and happiness.

Our Cleaning Services Lead You on Next Level

We are not confined to a specific area of cleaning like house cleaning, apartment, and office cleaning. We also deal with the needs of our clients. If you need your newly built construction site clean. Just feel free to contact us at any time. If you are going to throw a party for your friends, colleagues, or relatives and you want your space in a neat, clean, tidy, and fully organized state just get in touch with us. Furthermore, if you want your workplace, office, or private property professionally cleaned just let us know about your requirements.

We are the leading cleaning company in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil over the last number of years and fulfilling your needs. We understand the importance and value of a clean space that's why we assure you a neat, clean, and tidy space. No matter what kind of building, apartment, or space you have. Just get in touch and experience our professional, exceptional, and high-quality cleaning services. Your dreamed space is at the distance of a phone call.

Deep Basement Cleaning Services

Normally people keep a huge amount of luggage in the basement and feel a headache in cleaning it. It is an obvious and definite thing that cleaning a basement requires a lot of time and effort. First thing is that you have to deal with a huge amount of mess and you have to arrange luggage in a good manner. Normally people throw almost every unwanted and spare thing in the basement as they do with the storeroom.

There may be broken furniture, spare tools, unwanted things, oil cans, and blast tires, etc. These are the things that are not easy to organize and create dust spots and greasy stains.

Menage Total is the leader in dealing with such types of issues. We are the leading cleaners in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. We have a perfect work plan for your basement cleaning. This framework of cleaning tasks makes it so easy to deal with basement cleaning.

What You Get in Basement Cleaning Services

There is a large list of tasks that we perform in cleaning your basement. We perform dusting, vacuuming, organizing, washing, waxing, and stripping works. So wipe off the dust from the doors knobs, frames, windows mirrors, and frames of them. If you are thinking it is really a headache to do all these tasks in basement cleaning, you are right. But Menage Total has a team of professional cleaners who perform these tasks happily and with full care. Our important tasks which we perform are as follow;

Organizing Works

The main headache in cleaning a basement is the countless mess and clutter. It needs to organize in a good manner which creates space for new things. So this is the first thing we do in basement cleaning services. We put everything out of the basement and perform the cleaning tasks.

Wiping Off Dust From all the Surfaces

There may be a huge amount of dust in the basement that needs to be cleaned in the very first priority. So our professional cleaning staff cleans all the surfaces like furniture, tables, shelves, and other surfaces. This gives a clear view and clears the rest of the tasks which we have to perform ahead in Basement Cleaning Services.

High Powered Vacuuming

There may be stubborn and hard dust spots on the floor and these spots are not easy at all to remove them completely. We are professional in dealing with such issues and problems. Our professional cleaners prepare a solution of water and detergent. So if these spots are stubborn and hard enough to remove. Menage Total has different techniques and tricks to tackle with them. Our staff uses bleach, baking powder, and stripping to remove those spots. Our professionals make the floor shine like a new one.

Ceiling, and Walls Cleaning

People ignore the routine cleaning of the basement then there is no chance of walls cleaning. Menage Total provides you with a deep basement cleaning services. Our cleaners remove dust from the ceiling using a brush. Clean the stainless steel fixture of lights. We move towards walls cleaning, first wipe off the dust from the walls. If there are dust spots, oil stains, and damaged paint. Our cleaners deal with all of these issues.

Floor Washing

When we have dealt with vacuuming, dusting, and mopping we start washing the floor. We make a solution to apply it on the floor and wash it thoroughly. So if you have a wooden baseboard in the basement we make sure it doesn't have contact with water. Water reduces the quality of the wooden baseboard in no time. We scrub the floor gently and remove all types of stains and oily spots from there.

Windows and Doors Cleaning

Basement cleaning includes all important tasks which are any ordinary and commonplace requires. Menage Total provides you with a complete and comprehensive cleaning service. Our staff cleans the window mirrors and wipe off the dust from them. Clean the dust from the window frames and clean the window sill with care. They remove the stuck dust from the windows sills.

Mould Cleaning

If the walls have moisture then there are chances of mold on the walls, corners, and baseboard. Mould is harmful to the paint and walls as well. Our cleaning staff cleans the mold with care and take measure to prevent it from further breed up.

Luggage Organizing Work

When we have completed all the cleaning works we let it for one or two hours to soak the water we have used in washing floor and walls spots. So when it gets dry our cleaning staff rearranges all the luggage in a perfect manner which creates more space for new luggage and things. If there are any spoiled and unwanted things we dispose of them off after getting your consent.

You get a perfect and fully organized basement, we leave it after cleaning. Everything you see in perfect order and there is more space for new things you can keep there.

We offer you all of our services on a daily, weekly, biweekly, and monthly basis. You can hire our services according to your needs and requirements. So we is available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. You can visit our office anytime. Best cleaning services are at a distance of a phone call. If you want to hire us just make a phone call and experience excellence and high-quality services.

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