Post Construction & Renovation Cleaning Services

Well ok, It goes without asking to say this that one the builders have done their job, then the main thing and a hectic deal to face is to clean all the builder's mess. Everyone always demands to get well-experienced and professional post-construction cleaning.

We feel honor that we are serving you according to your expectations requirements. We ensure to all of you by providing the valuable and 100% eco-friendly and well-maintained cleaning services as our Montreal maid and staff members they all are well-skilled, professional and have command on their skills. They all know how to please, entice and appeal you all by providing the maximum level of post-construction cleanup services. Rest for more flexibility. We also offer the different packages credentials, so through this, you can pick anyone as per your availability.

After Construction Cleaning‎

These are some of the important tasks that we perform while clean your site. These tasks are mainly concerned with the house construction. After Builder Cleaning Services are available for every kind and nature of the building. If you have built a superstore it may have a number of shops, floors, and bathrooms. The after builder cleaning work is far more in these types of buildings. Menage Total performs these cleaning tasks as well.

What Do We Do With Newly Constructed Building?

This is the question what do we do with newly constructed buildings? If you have recently constructed a house and you want to move in. You can't move in until you clean it or get After Builders Cleaning Services. We make you enable us to move in an ideal living space where there is no stinky smell, no bad odour, no dust, no debris is scattered all around. You just have to shift your luggage and start living there happily.

If it is a superstore, bank, commercial building or a showroom. It will take time to clean but we make it sanitized clean and tidy. We remove debris, wastage, and dust from there. Our Montreal maid and Montreal cleaners clean each and every room in the building and make you enable to start working or do further developments.

Menage Total clean every open surface and hidden surfaces as well as cabinets, drawers, and closets. All horizontal and vertical surfaces such as shelves. So they clean all the glass surfaces remove stickers and dust from them. Settle down all the construction debris, sand, dirt, and vacuum it thoroughly.

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