In the first place, keeping Kitchen clean, manage and organize is key to a clean and efficient kitchen. This is one area people struggle with is their kitchen cabinets. Menage Total Cabinet Cleaning Montreal company provides efficient and affordable cleaning service. Taking the time to clean cabinets with some order within can make your life a lot easier


Menage Total Cabinet Cleaning Service comes in and provides the best services available. The interior cabinet cleaning is not on offer in our routine housekeeping service. Menage Total Cabinet Cleaning is happy to offer the additional service upon your customizable needs.

Menage Total is often asked to clean and organize cabinets during move-ins or move-outs. You can find Menage Total Cabinet Cleaning service handy during spring or after a kitchen renovation.

Wood Cabinet Cleaning

Professional Service:

Not only but Menage Total Cabinet Cleaning Montreal professional housekeepers will start by removing the contents of your cabinets. The inside of the office is clean and put in place. Moreover, replacing the item that is out from your kitchen cabinet.


Kindly note that if you want your items organized differently and separately from how we found them. In the first place, we do ask that you are present at your home and spot to guide our experienced and skilled staff to confirm that you approve of where to place things. After all, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and making sure you happy and satisfy you with the work. That's why we have a worry-free guarantee.

Once the insides of the cabinets have been arranged in the usual fashion, we finish the job by washing your cabinets' exteriors. Then we let you enjoy your clean and streamlined Kitchen and other rooms.

If you ready to see how clean and organized cabinets can make a difference in your daily routine.

Why Choose Cabinet Cleaning Services Montreal?

You can ask the question of why you should choose Menage Total for cabinet cleaning services. There may be some other cleaning companies offering the same services. Then why not those companies? The answer to this question is that many factors induce you to choose Menage Total not only for Cabinet Cleaning Services but all the other cleaning services also.

The first thing is that we are the trusted and an old cleaning company in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. We are serving in these areas from 2010. During this period, we have helped so many people in these areas. We have huge customer equity here, and they feel fully satisfied with hiring our cleaning services. People trust and believe us they often contract us frequently as they hire us for daily cleaning, weekly, biweekly, and monthly cleaning services.

The second and essential fact is that we provide you with quality services. Its one of our reward that our customers believe we always offer high-quality services. We never compromise on the quality and excellence of cleaning services.

Not to mention, price is also a factor which matters a lot. We have a research of the whole market, and we offer our customers the best rates for the best cleaning services. We can assure you that no one can beat us at the price of services. Menage Total always comes with low rates and high-quality services.

Deep Cabinet Cleaning Services

A mere dusting is necessary, but deep cabinet cleaning is inevitable to keep them neat, clean, tidy and hygienic. There are different small and essential tasks to clean them thoroughly. Menage Total has a perfect, complete, and comprehensive work plan for every job. We have different approaches for different size of rooms, space, and object. For instance, the activities for cleaning the whole Kitchen is different from cleaning the bedroom or drawing-room. Sincere Cabinet Cleaning Montreal is conducted in the following way. 

Detailed Dusting Works

There may be a considerable dust accumulation on the top of the cabinets which creates stubborn and hard spots. Not to mention, these spots are not easy to clean and require time and effort to remove them thoroughly. Our professionals deal with them with care and attention, remove them as there was no dust at all.

Put Out Everything Out Of The Cabinets 

This is important in deep cabinet cleaning Montreal to keep all the objects out the cabinets and make them empty. This gives us a clear view of what to do to clean them thoroughly. We remove the dust build-up grime and greasy spots from there. If there is any blockage in the way of the door due to dust build-up, we remove that with care. Using a soft bristle brush, we clean the cabinets from inside and outside.

Disinfect The Cabinets Using Spray

A mere dusting and wiping the dust may not be enough to get a neat, clean, and tidy cabinet, It requires a deep, detailed and comprehensive work to disinfect them. Our professionals make a spray using warm water and detergent. Fill a bottle and apply it on the spots and stains, rub them gently and finally get the cabinet spots clean. 

Using Vacuum Removing Dust and Dirt Accumulation

There are different approaches to deal with dirt and dust accumulation on the cabinets; one of them is vacuuming. It is very convenient for many spaces. Vacuuming is essential for dust cleaning from the floor, furniture, and carpet. You can put a nozzle on the vacuumer and clean the dust from the corners and sills. We apply it in Cabinet Cleaning Montreal as well it gives satisfactory results. 

Cabinet Doors Cleaning

Furthermore, our cleaners remove dust, dirt, and spots from the cabinets doors if there are any. If there are any spills spots, our cleaners rub them with care and try to remove the whole place from there. If the stain is stubborn and hard to remove, we apply spray and solution on it. We make sure that no stains left behind. 

Cleaning The Cabinet Handle

Like doorknobs, the door handles of cabinets need cleaning services. We don't ignore any detail, and we clean them with care and attention. Our cleaners rub it using a soft cotton cloth. If there are any rust spots on the handle, we clean them as well. The rust stains are not so easy to remove, but our staff is specialized to deal with hard to remove spots. They apply baking powder and let it sit on the places. After a few minutes, it loosens the rust spots, and our cleaners clean it thoroughly. In short, they assure you a neat, clean and thoroughly sanitized cabinet.

Removing Food Crumbs, Spills, Spots and Stains from Outside The Cabinet

Kitchen cabinets often come in contact they are frequently used, and it gets many spots, stains, and spills. We make sure that you get your dreamed and expected quality of services. We rub the outside surface gently and remove the dust. If there are any spots, food crumbs, and spills on the surface, we make sure it is cleaned thoroughly. We use the spray we have made before, on the surface and clean it thoroughly. 

Part of Kitchen Cleaning

It is an integral part of kitchen cleaning to keep every portion of the kitchen neat, clean and tidy. When we talk about deep kitchen cleaning cabinet cleaning Montreal is one of the crucial tasks in the cleaning process. We assure you a neat, clean, and tidy space which is perfectly hygienic and organic. You are free to use it without any kind of hesitation and fear of bacterias. A clean and tidy place assures your satisfaction with your health. Kitchen matters a lot in your health as you use it for a cooking meal twice or thrice a day. If your space is not hygienic and organic, then there is a doubt on the food you are having. 

Kitchen Parts Cleaning

As we clean other objects like countertops, stovetops, floor, walls, grout, refrigerator, dishwasher, and other things in the Kitchen Cleaning Services. We pay equal attention to every object when we clean them. We know it very well that the cleanliness matters a lot for your health. 

Menage Total is committed to providing you with the best quality cleaning services at low prices which are quite economical and affordable. You can make a free quote and collect information from the whole market and compare the prices of our services. We guarantee you a perfectly cleaned, neat and organic space for you.

You can hire our services anytime you want to avail of them. We are ready to serve you round the clock 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Menage Total offers you our cleaning services daily, weekly basis, biweekly basis, and monthly basis. We are committed to providing you with your expected services at your desired time. Our cleaners are serving our clients in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, for the last ten years. We have helped countless people and have a satisfactory response from them. If there is any complaint relating to our services, we entertain them as soon as we get any claim and provide them with their demanded services. 

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