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Menage total is in the residential cleaning and Commercial Cleaning Services industry since 2010. During all these years of practice, we have built a solid base. Our Montreal maids cleaners have intentions to provide you with more than your expectations using the best quality green cleaning products. We know that your home is heaven to you. Our Comprehensive Home Cleaning Longueuil is built around the idea of providing you with discretion and reliability. All this means that our maids and housekeeping team, committed and encouraged, will serve you for the long term. As well as the company that will be present all the time to bring you all the help and confidence you need. Local nearby Home Cleaning Services and Office Cleaning in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, North Shore, South Shore, Gatineau, Ottawa, Quebec, Lévis and surrounded area serves you with the best quality and surpasses your expectations. 

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A Complete Package of House and Office Cleaning Services

There are many cleaning tasks which are essential in keeping a house, residence, condo, flat, office and apartment neat and clean. Comprehensive Home Cleaning near me in Longueuil is the complete package of regular and deep cleaning services which you can consider in residence cleaning or commercial cleaning. Our Local nearby Housekeepers, Cleaning Ladies services Near Me and cleaning and housekeeping services are available for you at any time you need. We help you out in keeping your space professionally cleaned and organized. Including all the tasks from entrance cleaning to bathroom disinfecting services, kitchen cleaning to the cleaning of all the surfaces you get everything you need, in this Comprehensive Home Cleaning Longueuil

Menage Total as the leading cleaning company keeps its image at a high level of professionalism. Coping with the expectations of clients is not so easy, but we have experience of many real-life years. For the last many years, we are serving in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil with cent per cent satisfaction and quality of cleaning services. Our maids cleaners administer the following exceptional office and house cleaning services in Home Cleaning.

A Menage Total Home Cleaning administration incorporates:

These are some essential services that our customers frequently ask for their residence, apartments, and homes. We are much eager to be a partner with you and serve you as per your requirements and instructions. How we clean your home thoroughly just have a glance at that. 

Present You Cleaning Proposal

Not to mention, every space needs a unique cleaning approach, and we have perfect cleaning work plans for different types of areas. We present you a complete framework, and you finalize it. You can make an addition or drop any of the tasks which you don't want to perform in cleaning your home. After finalizing the terms and condition and most importantly, the work plan and schedule, we rush towards your home cleaning

Dusting Works for All The Surfaces

The first thing we do in your apartment, condo, flat, office, housekeepinghome cleaning is the dusting of all the surfaces you have in your residence. Same like other ordinary Montreal maids cleaners, the starting is just the wiping off the dust from tables, shelves, and other horizontal and vertical surfaces. Our housekeepers get a clear view of the work which we have to perform to make your home shine as it is a new one. 

Kitchen Cleaning

The area where you cook food means your kitchen and dining area needs cleaning services crucially. You might clean it daily, but sometimes you may ignore some portions that are hard to reach. You may not have critical equipment for cleaning your kitchen professionally. If you want to hire professional maids cleaners near me, you should get in touch with the Menage Total

Highly professional and committed to their work, clean your kitchen in such a way to make it fully hygienic and healthy space. We kill all the germs, bacterias, and remove allergens from there. Assure you a neat, clean, tidy, healthy, and bugs protected kitchen with a guarantee.

Oven Cleaning

Oven cleaning is an essential task in kitchen cleaning. There are many tricks and tips to clean an oven. First, clean it naturally using baking soda and vinegar. We use hot water, vinegar, and baking soda for cleaning it. There is another right way to clean oven, using water, lemon juice, and salt we clean the oven. It may take a few minutes, but it is fully organic and hygienic.

Bathroom Disinfecting and Cleaning Work

One of the essential cleaning tasks which add to your home and house cleaning is the bathroom disinfecting work. Small vacuuming on the floor and any carpet there. Deal with tiles and spots of scum on the floor surface. These are not so easy to remove, but we use the best organic and eco-eriendly cleaning products. The first attempt to remove those spots is the solution of hot water and detergent. Apply it on the scum and soapy spots we let it sit for a few minutes it loosens the spots after that we rub it gently and clean them correctly. 

The grout, walls, corners, shower, and stainless steel fixture there also need deep cleaning services. If the grout spots are tight we apply baking powder on it and then we rub it. This technique helps to remove stubborn and hard spots as well. Baking powder and bleach are beneficial to remove rust spots. If there are rust spots on the steel pipeline and the shower, we apply it there and rub it gently to make it completely clean.  

Carpet Cleaning

Some of the assets lose their quality, colour, and appearance over time. The wear and tear effect is very prominent for that type of assets. As everyone knows, massive foot traffic gets in contact with the carpet, and it gets dirty with every footstep comes on it. The dirt stuck to its threads and it is the fact that dirt, dust, and sand particles act like cutting blades for the carpet threads. You can not ignore its proper cleaning and maintenance. 

We at Menage Total are providing you Home Deep Spring Cleaning Montreal with pride and honour. Our Montreal maids cleaners and housekeepers are serving you with all the best cleaning and disinfecting services in your surroundings for your home cleaning. In carpet cleaning, we provide you with high power steam vacuuming, dusting, and washing services. 

Mould Evacuation 

Some particles harm the quality, of cement work and painting of walls. Mould is one of the worst things for walls. It breeds up where there is a little amount of moisture. If the humidity is permanent, there are huge chances of the growth of mould. It reduces the quality of cement, and it gets broken. Mould factor is harmful to the paint of walls as well.

Our professional maids cleaners deal with mould evacuate it and prevent it from further growth. We use a solution of vinegar and baking powder pour it into a spray bottle. Apply it on the infected area and rub it with care. 

Floor Cleaning with Vacuumer and Waxing and Stripping Services

There are some objects, parts, and portions which need deep cleaning services. Floor cleaning is one of those tasks which get the most attention. If the floor is untidy and cluttered, it is presumed that the entire house is unclean. There are many tasks to clean the floor thoroughly. Waxing and Stripping Services

Comprehensive Home Cleaning Longueuil includes thorough floor cleaning services. Our professional maids cleaners and housekeepers perform all these tasks with full care and attention. We first apply the mop on the floor surface to remove the dust and dirt accumulation from there. When we have completed mopping work, we likely to affect vacuumer on the floor. We have high power vacuumers which have extraordinary power and remove all the dust from the floor in a few seconds.

Stripping Washing

It is one of the best commercial cleaning and residential cleaning and disinfection procedures to use stripping washing. Once the portion is completely stripped down to the wood, and we are quite satisfied, our professional maids cleaners start the cleaning process. Utilizing steel wool and either hot water or paint thinner, depending on the stripper we have applied, and wipe down the portion, ultimately ensuring that all of the leftover stripping agents are removed.

Thorough Windows Cleaning 

For getting a clean and tidy view of outside, you have to clean your windows thoroughly. It looks easy to clean window mirrors, but complete and thorough window cleaning is more than just mirrors cleaning. First, we start removing spots from the mirrors and make them clean. If there are any hard dust spots on the mirrors, we use the liquid solution on it which is made of hot water and detergents. It helps to remove all the dust spots from there. 

After this, we rush towards frame cleaning, and window frames need deep and regular cleaning services as well. There may be dust accumulation on the wooden frames. We remove it using a cotton cloth and rub it carefully. There may be dust spots on the window frames which need to be cleaned. Our professional cleaners pay attention to every little detail, which add-in is giving you a nice clean and tidy view.

Final Words

Here at Menage Total, we offer you to get in and experience the best quality cleaning services ners me. We will give you the next level of cleaning services at possible low rates. You can visit our site, or you can personally visit our office anytime during working days. 

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