Apartment and Condo Cleaning Gatineau and Ottawa

Living a busy life? Want support in your daily chores? Yes, we understand that you have been leading a tough life. And for you only we have introduced Apartment and condo cleaning services.

Contact us and avail cleaning services for your apartment. Apart from providing residential and cleaning services, we, The Menage Total Cleaning Services, also have been providing with commercial cleaning services at Laval, Longueuil, Montreal, Gatineau, and Ottawa. Whether it is your home or office, we are here to render cleaning services. We have been in the cleaning business for almost eight years and are managing to provide services successfully. You can contact us any time and can avail our services. Menage Total Cleaning Services have organized customer care center that remains active 24/7 to provide with convenience to the customers. You can contact them to get information regarding our services and even can provide with feedback regarding the services that can surely help us to improve our services.

Cleaning Products

Menage Total cleaning services aim to provide with eco-friendly cleaning for which they use the safest and organic products in their cleaning process. We aim to provide cleaning services that are free from all types of harmful chemicals that can surely affect the health of any person moving around.

Menage Total Residential Cleaning Services in Gatineau and Ottawa

In the first place Menage Total cleaning services provide with residential cleaning that aims different parts of the house like Kitchen, Dining room and Bathroom. Not to mention, there as well appears a detailed specification about the cleaning of kitchen, dining room and bathroom. Kitchen cleaning includes cleaning of kitchen appliances, counters and washing sinks. Dining room cleaning includes cleaning of tables and chairs, a dusting of furniture and other light fixtures. Bathroom cleaning includes cleaning of ceramics, bathtubs, showers stall, sinks, toilet bowls, and counters. It also includes the polishing services of mirrors, ceramics and other accessories of the bathroom.

Menage Total Commercial Cleaning Services in Gatineau and Ottawa

Menage Total cleaning services provide with commercial cleaning as well. Commercial cleaning is specifically targeted to the services like vacuuming the carpet area, dusting the whole furniture, cleaning the ceilings of office and inspecting, managing and maintaining the daily activities related to cleaning that overall aids the cleaning of office. Apart from cleaning, Menage total cleaning services aim to maintain quality cleaning services and for a long time. For this, we also provide with post-cleaning services.