Residential Cleaning Services Montreal

Deep Residential Cleaning Services

With some consideration and consideration from Menage Total Cleaning, your home can rapidly disregard the winter residue and give you all the more extra time to do every one of the things you genuinely appreciate.

Menage Total Deep Residential Cleaning Services depends on the exclusive requirements dependent on our agenda, notwithstanding every one of the territories secured amid your housekeeping, we can include extra consideration regarding particular regions of the home as indicated by client prerequisites.

Amid all visits of our customers in Deep Residential cleaning in Laval and different territories, Menage Total cleaning specialists give a similar expert and exhaustive clean to meet the individual needs of every one of our clients. Indeed Menage Total Residential Cleaning administration can be conveyed for every one of your needs.

Here is a rundown of the fundamental assignments then we perform when we do the Montreal Residential Cleaning.

After all, We also try to redo our administrations to address your issues over your dimension of fulfillment. In short, these administrations are also movable and extra administrations can be added to meet your particular needs as well as.

Office Areas, Living Rooms, Hallways, Stairs, Entries, also Bedrooms, and so on:

  • All regions including roofs and dividers tidied to finish everything, front and sides
  • Cushions and pads lightened and rectified
  • Hard surface floors cleared and moist wiped
  • Carpeted floors vacuumed
  • Glass tables cleaned
  • Picture outlines cleaned
  • Lampshades wiped down or cleaned
  • Blinds cleaned and wiped, if necessary
  • Waste containers purged and moist wiped IF DESIRED
  • Beds made, IF DESIRED
  • Smudges expelled around doorjambs, push plates, light switches, glass parcels, counters, and unhindered work territories
  • Soil expelled from passageway door jambs, handles, glass, and limit
  • Carpet spots evacuated
  • Light broad fixing

Table of Contents

Plan for Residential cleaning


  • All surfaces tidied and disinfected, as required
  • Sink cleaned, washed and buffed
  • Fixtures cleaned
  • The tub or potentially shower completely cleaned and flushed
  • Toilets sterilized all around, including the base and behind
  • Vanity top cleaned
  • Mirrors cleaned
  • Floor vacuumed or cleared and cleaned
  • Light broad rectifying


  • All surfaces cleaned and sterilized as required
  • Countertops and backsplash cleaned as well as
  • Sinks scoured and flushed and buffed
  • Floor vacuumed or cleared and cleaned
  • Outside of machines cleaned (broiler, microwave, cooler where clear, dishwasher, stovetop, and so on.)
  • Inside of microwave cleaned
  • Small apparatuses wiped (toaster, blender, and so on.)
  • Table washed
Professional Cleaning Services Montreal
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Professional Cleaning Services Montreal
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Menage Total provided best professionals, motivated and dedicated workers for cleaning your house. We will provide you with the best cleaning service in the whole city. We will clean every corner of your house/office with special Cleaning products.

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