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We, as a Menage Total, are here and welcome to all of our clients and offer them a comprehensive and tremendous range of hard floor cleaning services. No matter whether your floor surfaces have tiles, marbles, ceramics or hardwood, we ensure you clean and make your floor furnish mannerly in a very sophisticated way. Except for this, we also professionally cleaned terra, cotta, slate, cement, and non-wax floors as well.

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Our professional Montreal maids cleaners ensure and fully guarantee you to make your floor shiny and furnished as we have new and highly effective and advanced cleaning types of equipment. So Menage Total knows that how much a floor entrance matters as it becomes the first impression in the sense of appearance. We, as a cleaning Services Company, always try to make your place valuable by providing our excellent services and also try to help you to attain your business goals objectives.


For professional floor cleaning, we offer the sealing and waxing buffing services. The residential and commercial floor cleaning services we also provide and clean;

Except for this, we always use environmentally safe products in our all cleaning services credentials.

Why it is essential to clean your hard floor

Hard floor, like other types of floors, needs house and office cleaning services. It gets dirty, and dust spots happen on its surface. It requires professional cleaning services for better cleanliness and maintenance.

The floor surface in commercial and residential buildings get in contact with heavy foot traffic throughout the whole day. The equipment may be accidentally fell on, and spills are common to happen. The challenge of a commercial and residential floor experience each day demands it to be extremely durable and tidy. Typically, scenarios like these necessitate that an industrial floor is cleaned tidy and sanitized much differently than floors found in private residences like houses and apartments.

Commercial cleaning service

Why you choose a commercial office cleaning service for your floor? Businesses benefit by maintaining a clean and healthy working environment. A sense of pride and honor in employees goes a long way, as does positively affecting customers and visitors when it comes to keeping a spotless and stains-free workplace. Furthermore, spills and greasy spots lead to slips falls and similar workplace injuries and accidents. The employers can prevent this responsibility by maintaining a dry, clean, and clean floor.

There are different variations in commercial hard floors that exist in the market. Tile floors charge you low-cost, sturdy and famous in commercial properties. So not to mention, concrete floors offer exceptional quality and durability, especially in highly-trafficked areas. The concrete flooring provides easy maintenance as well. The commercial hardwood floors are aesthetically pleasing while being resistant enough to withstand heavy foot traffic, spills, spots, and even dents. However, commercial hardwood flooring requires extra maintenance than residential flooring. Therefore read on to learn more about our Hard floor cleaning procedure;

Hard floor cleaning works and process

There are different types of hard floors like tiles floor, concrete floor, and hardwood floor. These floors need different approaches to clean them. So there are different processes to clean these floors and evacuate different types of stains spots and spores from these surfaces. Our strategies are unique and professional to deal with this type of surface. Let's have a glance at the cleaning procedures to clean these different kinds of floors.

Cleaning Procedure for Tile Floors

It seems that cleaning a tiles floor is just a thing to do in no time. There is a presumption, requiring nothing more than hot water, a five litter bucket, a neutral cleaner, mop, and the floor fan to make it dry. Stay away and be sure to say no to the harsh detergents, as the chemicals can strip away the finish, damage the color, and leave behind a dull and boring look of the tile floor.

In Hard Floor Cleaning Montreal, first, pick up all large debris by vacuuming the entire floor area. Evacuate any obstacles and hurdle, like dust bins, to allow enough room for a comprehensive cleaning of all tiles.

Make a solution by adding one ounce of the neutral cleaner per gallon of warm water. Rub the entire surface of the tiles with the cleaning solution to remove all the dust spots. Once the hard floor is sparkling clean, turn on the floor fans or air movers to completely dry out the floor surface. An ideal rule of thumb is to allow the fans to run at least 30 minutes or more to let the floor completely dry and to abstain from accidental slips and falls.

Hard to remove spots, stains, and unsightly scuffs can be efficiently removed from the tile floors—Furthermore, the amount of cleaner to three to five ounces per gallon of hot water. More focussed cleaners will work, but harsher chemicals affect the floor a greyed and dull appearance. Furthermore, try removing stains by rubbing or mopping in a professional pattern rather than a repetitive side to side movement.

Deeply Clean The Concrete Floors

It is accessible to the concrete floor, and it requires daily cleaning and maintenance services. It is one of the most straightforward tasks in Hard floor cleaning Services works. A dry mop should be applied every day to remove dust accumulation and sand particles that are abrasive and cause scratches to the floor. When you use to mop with warm water and chemical-free floor cleaner, take care that the porous and fragile surface of concrete makes the process of getting dry extremely important. Hot water and liquid cleaners can get soaked into even a sealed concrete floor without enough drying procedures.

Applying a mop and organic cleaner, cleanse the concrete floor as you expect it to clean. Unlike disinfecting a tile floor, the cleaning products used to wash concrete floors should be left for a few minutes on the concrete until the cleaners start to loosen the dirt and grease. Menage Total gives you a piece of expert advice to clean a few small areas of the concrete flooring at a time, to be protective of the cleaning solutions from drying into the surface of the concrete floor.

When the concrete floor is wet mopped with the organic cleaner, the cleaning solution should be wiped away. Use a plastic bucket of clean water and a clean mop head to disinfect any leftover cleaning products from the concrete. Turn on the influential air movers to completely dry the concrete flooring.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Works

The next approach to clean Hard floor cleaning works it the hardwood floor disinfecting works. Hardwood floors are not only stylish and lavish ones, but they demand routine cleaning to maintain an attractive and glittery appearance. Moreover, regular cleanings enhance the life of the hardwood floor.

Hard Floor Cleaning Services Montreal requires a mop, organic cleaner, bucket, fans, and vacuum. Same as the other floors to the first step in cleaning a hardwood floor, vacuum up any dust accumulation or debris along with the hardwood flooring. Dirt particles and grime build-up can easily harm or damage the surface of the hardwood floor.

Floor cleaning Services

It is essential in Hard floor cleaning Services to mop the hardwood floor using a solution of hot water and organic cleaning detergents. Once the floor is clean and tidy, lift the cleaner with another round of dirty-free water and a rinsed mop. Let the floor get dry turn on the fan. You can use a towel to make the hardwood floor dry, but the fibers may lead to scratches or scraping on the surface of the hardwood floor.

This proper and professional cleaning increases the life of your hardwood floor. Besides, a sealant can provide a shiny and glittery appearance to the floor. Take care when applying a harsh chemical to cleanse a finished hardwood floor since harmful and inappropriate cleaning methods will strip the floor of the finish.

Commercial office owners should invest in regular cleanings and disinfecting to maintain the look and cleanliness of the commercial hardwood floors in their building. Professional cleaning is ideal for assisting upkeep any type of hard floor. Menage Total offers the best quality Hard cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil to both businesses and residential settings.

Our cleaning services are available at any time you want in these areas. When you hire the Menage Total, you are likely to get the confirmation and guarantee that you are going to experience the world's best quality of services. Feel free and contact us at any time, you can visit our office, make a phone call get a free quote.

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