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Housekeeping services offered by Menage Total are extraordinary. We know how to clean each and every corner of your house leaving an ultra clean house.

At Menage Total we assure you that our staff will do a remarkable job in making your house spotless and shiny. We fulfill our customer’s demand so that when they need a cleaning job done Menage Total comes in their mind immediately.
Our Montreal maids cleaners and housekeepers are highly trained and know the exact and highly effective method of cleaning, and it makes you feel obliged to praise and entice them. Having well-trained bonded and trusted staff we feel pleasure in telling you that housekeeping services offered by Menage Total are one of the best cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, North Shore, South Shore, Gatineau, Ottawa, Quebec, Lévis and surrounded area. Our cleaning staff having professional housekeepers and maid cleaner is well trained and trusted and they have the abilities to provide you with a memorable experience.

Residential Cleaning Services in Laval, Montreal, and Longueuil

To help our customers availing the ideal housekeeping services, we are now here in in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, North Shore, South Shore, Gatineau, Ottawa, Quebec, Lévis and surrounded area. We have a reliable reputation when it comes to house cleaning and housekeeping. Our staff knows it very well to give 100% qualitative satisfaction to customers. Our maids cleaners know the importance your household in your life, and that’s why our staff is always there for you to make your place perfect and untainted. In this busy world, we mostly do not have time for cleaning so anytime you think about cleaning your house feel free to contact us we are just one call away.


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Affordable, Flexible and Cost-effective Services:

At Menage Total our Montreal maids cleaners and housekeepers provide you our house cleaning and office cleaning services at an affordable rate to help our customer avail the excellent cleaning services. We offer morning, afternoon, evening packages for customer’s convenience. Not only this we can also give hourly, daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis packages according to customer’s availability

Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services:


Our Montreal maids cleaners offer a thorough cleaning services of your house from the kitchen to bathroom, entrance area bedroom and living room. We make it sure not to leave anything mucky and make it like a new clean and polished place. Our housekeepers leave no stone uncovered when it comes to cleaning we are the best in it. Menage Total has highly ambitious staff having focused and professional members always there to help you.

Our efficacious method of cleaning:

We vacuum the floors, dust each and every surface of your home, mop hardwood, and sanitize highly use areas, disinfect the toilets and many other steps are to help you to make your house, apartment and condo a comfortable, clean and hygienic place. Our maids cleaners use eco-friendly cleaning products, methods and good quality products for cleaning purpose. Our methods, selection of effective products and trained staff, make us superior to others. Whether it is moving in and moving out cleaning, spring cleaning, deep cleaning or regular house cleaning we are the topmost priority.

Our Motto and Percept:


Menage Total has the motto to help the customer’s, who are busy in their normal lives and don’t have time to clean, to create a clean, hygienic, dust free environment at home and we are the leaders when it comes to housekeeping services.

commercial and Residential Cleaning Services


The Menage Total Maids Cleaners provides high-quality service to ensure your home is cleaned and maintained to the highest standards. We work around your schedule. We can come to clean each week, biweekly or even daily or every other day at times to suit you. Our Cleaning Service Montreal is flexible and affordable. We have experience and provide personalized service to facilitate your life on a day to day basis. Our staff is highly trained, bonded and fully insured. The Menage Total Cleaners protecting the environment is of paramount importance to us. That's why we use organic, eco-friendly efficient cleaning solutions. We are happy to make your home spotless in no time.

Residential Cleaning and Cleaning Lady Montreal checklists take into consideration the size of your home, condo or apartment, your choice of basic or deep cleaning services, and anything else which you would like us to pay particular attention to

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