To confirm and provide a high quality of cleaning service Ménage Total cleaners maintain a high standard by cleaning in Cartierville. A leading regional residential and commercial cleaning company with it’s headquarter located in Montreal.


Since 2010 Ménage Total has grown with its expansion to covering significant areas in Canada with its professional cleaning service, Able to customize a cleaning program for the specific cleaning requirements of the customers in Cartierville. We offer floor cleaning, carpet cleaning and many more by experienced professionals. A promise of a spotless cleaning to ensure the house and office remains sparkling.


For high-quality cleaning service, employ a team of professionals to examine the house and workspace. Giving it a thorough cleaning service with satisfaction guaranteed with success. Our primary focus in Cartierville is to provide straightforward cleaning methods to protect the surroundings. We are using organic and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. We make the space speckles in no time.


When you call Ménage Total office in Cartierville, you speak to a qualified professional — responding to the queries quickly providing solution and information for the cleaning and Staff. All the cleaners are with training in the areas that need proper cleaning. Each site of the customer receives an inspection from the supervision every month.


Time and punctuality is our main motto to influence the quality of the cleaning service. Our cleaners arrive on time and ensure to deliver them efficiently and quality. To satisfy the customers, we have built a healthy relationship. Clear communication and cleaning plans on offer with reasonable price enable us to work best and create evident hygiene.

Reasons to Choose Ménage Total in Cartierville


  • Reliable service
  • Trained Staff in cleaning
  • Uniform and Punctual
  • Hassle-Free Cleaning
  • Flexible Cleaning Schedule
  • Professionals to clean the carpets
  • Supplies and Equipment Inclusive
  • A Member of the Cleaning Industry


When you need a custom cleaning service in Cartierville, Ménage Total with its team of knowledgeable cleaners help clean the house and office. Try us by calling us, and we shall get back you in no time and get the job done.