Ménage Total, a cleaning services company, serving at Chomedy, including extensive services. It is of no matter that it is residential house cleaning services or commercial cleaning services. Our services are regularly, weekly, or biweekly cleaning services.

Bedroom cleaning services

Bedrooms are personal space where you like to relax. A peaceful time demands a quiet place. Your bedrooms need a regular cleaning service to keep the bedroom items up to date. We understand the possibility of unique bedroom décor. We clean the bedroom and accessories like our own. Our bedroom cleaning service in Chomedy include:

Floor cleaning

 Ménage Total clean the floors to look the floors elegant. Regular use of the floor makes it full of dirt and dust. We clean and remove the grime, footprints, dust, and dirt from the bedroom floor, leaving it with a shining and sparkling. For this process, an organic cleaning product is used to give a naturally pleasant smell to the bedroom.


Our specialized cleaners complete the bedroom cleaning task by cleaning the sofa, chair, and all the furniture. They wash all the dust and dirt. Moreover, disinfecting and sanitizing the furniture from the earth and allergies. Our cleaners make it possible to help the bedroom organization and to keep it bacteria and germ-free. Bedroom cleaning is an essential task in the cleaning process. The cleaners thoroughly clean the mattress and give you a safe environment to spent time with the family and have a night of sweet sleep.


All our cleaning services in Chomedy is on offer at a very reasonable price. With expert cleaners, we make sure our customers get the best cleaning service suited for their house. For more information on our services, you can call us and book the desired cleaning service. We shall be delighted to serve and provide an excellent service.