Greenfield Park

With continuous effort and hard work, Ménage Total cleaning services company. Greenfield Park presents to you a cleaning experience for a clean house and business. For you, there is a service program in anticipation of the cleaning needs. You can customize your cleaning program, so we provide you with the cleaning solution in a required budget and cost.


Ménage Total is a local cleaning company in Montreal, providing the cleaning service in Greenfield Park. The aim is to provide useful and innovative and effective cleaning services to customers in Greenfield Park.


By employing us, you can keep your home in clean condition with a comprehensive and friendly cleaning service. Our cleaners are there to help and finish the cleaning task with the experience and to achieve customer satisfaction. Our mission is that the customers stay healthy and free from the allergens and dust. Our extensive cleaning services with a professional cleaning team help clear out the bed bugs, dirt, germ, and allergens.


Ménage Total Cleaning Company


Ménage Total presents a reliable, dependable cleaning service. The team of cleaners take pride in their work and create an excellent attitude for action to make the cleaning efficient and attractive. The service is offering at a competitive price. All the custom cleaning plans are tailor as per the customer's distinctive needs. Some of the unique cleaning service from Ménage Total in Greenfield Park are:


  • Residential Cleaning Service
  • Commercial Cleaning Service
  • Restaurant Cleaning Service
  • Daycare Cleaning Service
  • Medical Clinic Cleaning Service
  • Retail Store Cleaning Service
  • Housekeeping Service
  • Maid Cleaning Service


Ménage Total cleaning service in Greenfield Park has no limitation on the contract. All the services are with no long commitment. Our services are with a 100% guarantee and satisfaction. Call us today to discuss a viable cleaning solution for your cleaning requirements. We make cleaning possible and make the space clean.