Our Menage Total workers provide great quality services to make sure that your home is maintained and cleaned to the highest levels. We work according to your schedule. Our cleaning services at Hempstead are quite cheap and versatile. We offer domestic cleaners on a regular or weekly basis. Hempstead, situated in Montreal Quebec. In this rapid urban development of this place, we provide our deep cleaning services and much more.

Services we offer to the Customers

Residential Cleaning:

Time is the most essential in nowadays life, and Hempstead being an area with a lot of parks and residential areas need to be managed. Cleaning services Montreal are flexible and quite fine as the tasks such as wiping off walls, tables, electronic and chair cleaning, mopping and dusting of floor and tiles, polishing the furniture, cleaning and removing cobwebs, carpet cleaning and vacuuming mattress, cleaning of lampshades and light fixtures, mirror cleaning and much more detailed cleaning.

Industrial Cleaning:

In Hempstead, Industrial cleaning usually requires a visit to the place for a better understanding of how precisely the cleaning is needed. Equipment, machines, and even the detailed top to bottom cleaning can all be organized in a customized plan. Other management services and maintenance design programs to increase productivity, save money, and provide you with the ultimate peace of mind regarding the hygiene and cleanliness of the building.


Office Cleaning:

For an employee, the cleanliness of an office has a fundamental part in their physical health. The professional office cleaning leaves a great impact on the clients coming in as the neat and spotless office will invite more of them. You will experience fewer sick days, great air quality because the atmosphere is what keeps you motivated, increases productivity, a safe workplace, and makes your suppliers, staff, and customers satisfied.

Floor Cleaning:

Floors are very prone to scratch, ding, and marks and are the main part of any place that needs the most maintenance. Waxing is one of the most simple methods to keep the floor free from minute to minute marks and damage. However, the floor cleaning services our staff provide give your floor an ultimate new look.

Our services include:

  • Wood finishing and treatment according to the type
  • Polishing and buffing to keep the floor shining.
  • Thorough dusting, mopping, and cleaning of the floor
  • Special treatment for discoloration and scratches

Apartment Cleaning:

The methods we use to clean the apartments in many places are as efficient and fluent as ever, and the same services will be performed in Hempstead. Our professionals follow the Cleaning method of Top to Bottom, and we cover the given spaces:

  • Bathroom Cleaning
  • Mirror and Window Cleaning
  • Wall and ceiling fans Cleaning
  • Bedroom Cleaning
  • Furniture and Baseboards cleaning
  • Kitchen Cleaning

Organic Cleaning Products:

The village communities of Hempstead definitely need the organic products and procedures we use for cleaning. We use non-venomous and eco-friendly cleanup merchandise. The cleaning products normally used in homes are enriched with many unknown chemicals and might leave undiscovered side effects. This is why switching to organic products leaves no harm to you or your environment.

Hospital Cleaning:

The healthcare and Hospital cleaning services prevent the roll-out of infection in healthcare and clinical settings. We use our proper cleaning equipment and procedure to reduce the possibility of infection. The staff is highly trained to work with and understanding and acknowledgment of cross-contamination and satisfy the customers a hundred present.

  • Medical waste receptacles and discharge of trash cans
  • Sweeping, mopping and cleaning floor surfaces
  • Disinfecting and cleaning toilets, sinks and bathroom stalls
  • Spraying sterilizing solutions on water foundations, tabletops, chairs, office equipment, and door handles
  • Purifying and cleaning items like toys and furniture and places like waiting areas as it is a public place.

Staff Corporation

The cleaning service provided by our cleaners is aware of the responsibility and thus show a great concern for their customers. They perform in a way that satisfies the standards of the customer and maintains all the agreements without delay. Reliability, discretion, consistency, flexibility, honesty, and work quality are what that is kept superior.

  • We make sure that the occupational and environmental health stays our priority in our every cleaning routine.
  • We are considerate about the added value and value for money.
  • You have the opportunity to improve effectiveness and reduce costs.
  • Complete flexibility whether its day or night, work of hours or weeks, we offer corporative cleaning services