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Petite Patrie

Ménage Total is your professional cleaning services company serving at Petite Patrie. Ménage Total’s Petite Patrie Cleaning Services include broad and extensive services. we serve high-quality cleaning services as per your needs and demands. It does not matter if you need residential house cleaning services or commercial cleaning services on a regular basis, weekly or biweekly cleaning services. Because we serve as professional cleaners for contract cleaning services as well. our cleaning services cover both the commercial sector and as well as the residential sectors. Our professional cleaning team is experienced in the cleaning of your house and can recommend you with effective cleaning solutions post our professional cleaning services.

As you know we serve a quite extensive variety and areas for Petite Patrie cleaning services. It is impossible to summarize our services in few words. So, we will discuss our residential house cleaning services here. The high-quality housekeeping services Petite Patrie and residential house cleaning services include:

Bedroom cleaning services

We serve our Petite Patrie bedroom Cleaning Services on a regular basis or at your demand.   Bedrooms are often considered your personal space where you would want to relax and carefree time. At the same time, it must be clean. Because peaceful time demands a peaceful place. Your bedrooms need a regular cleaning service for the upkeep of your bedroom items. We understand that you have a unique taste in bedroom décor. Therefore, we take care of your bedroom ornaments and accessories like our own. Our bedroom cleaning services include:

  • Floor cleaning services Petite Patrie: Clean floors add elegance to your bedroom. Regular use of floor cause an increase in its wear and tear. We clean and remove footprints, dust, and dirt for your bedroom floor in our Petite Patrie cleaning services and leave you with a sparkling and shining floor. Also, in our professional floor cleaning services we use natural and organic cleaning products which results in a natural pleasant fragrance in your bedroom post our cleaning services
  • Furniture cleaning services Petite Patrie: Your bedroom furniture including sofas, tables, chairs etc., is also clean and steer clear of any lingering dust and dirt in our cleaning services. We, Ménage Total, clean and sanitize your furniture and handles from bacteria.  We will also do the dusting of your furniture and ornaments. The organized clean home environment help you have a peaceful and relaxing time without the worry of germs and bacteria to affect your health. Bed cleaning is also an essential part of cleaning. Because during hours of sleep, our body releases sweat and in result germs that make a house in the mattress. So, we thoroughly vacuum and clean your mattress. So, you can have a safe environment to watch Netflix, or go for your phone and socialized or have a peaceful sleep.