Ménage Total has provided exclusive cleaning service to the clients, and with the care, they deserve in the cleaning process in ST-Laurent. Having a vast expert in Residential and commercial cleaning service.


Our team of cleaners is committed to providing the cleaning solution to the most excellent quality and working effectively, keeping the communication level with the clients clear. Menage Total cleaning service in ST-Laurent aim is to clean the house as its own. Wet clean the house thoroughly and respect it that it deserves. We put up high standards by not going on the short cut method.


Safety and security is always our main priority. You can have a personal cleaner of your choice. Keeping in the same cleaning provider gives a chance to clean consistently and efficiently. We can make the cleaning solution to work for you, and we are proud of the highest standard of cleaning services.


We keep the house clean significantly by reducing the dust and dirt. The disinfection and sanitation solution keeps the bacteria and germs away from the bathroom. Here at Ménage Total in ST-Laurent, we understand that cleaning a home is tremendously difficult. We are insured, bonded residential cleaning service provider and pride in ourselves, giving top quality house cleaning service.


Cleaning Company St-Laurent

Ménage Total with its team of professionals, assures that it will take of the cleaning chores. Ensuring the bathroom, kitchen and living room look on much better. We provide our cleaning service to home and business. It is our duty and goal to make your house and business a spot clean and to deliver the best cleaning to the property.


Let Ménage Total handle the problematic cleaning job. You relax and enjoy with your family and friends. The cleaning service from us will help the clients to make life easier. We know cleaning is of utmost importance. We have built a reputation to give you a beautifully clean home. Ménage Total loves its work, and we clean really and believe in the improvement of the cleaning process.


We believe in delivering the highest standard of effective and efficient cleaning service to the residents of ST-Laurent.