Schedule up St-Léonard Cleaning services by Ménage Total professional cleaning company. Ménage Total serves for our customers the high-quality cleaning services in St-Léonard, Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. We aim to provide reliable cleaning services in a variety of areas in commercial cleaning services and as well as in residential home cleaning services.

Our commercial cleaning services are the best fit for business owners for corporate cleaning services, office cleaning services, hotel cleaning services, restaurant cleaning services, and many others. Our domestic cleaning services include professional maid cleaning services St-Léonard, property cleaning services, residential house cleaning services, apartment cleaning services, condominium cleaning services, and guest house cleaning services etc

Apart from regular cleaning services, spring cleaning services, deep cleaning services, after party cleaning services, Additional St-Léonard cleaning services by Ménage Total are:

  • Oven cleaning services

Oven gets a lot of use in our daily life. But what is the guarantee that the food that goes into the oven remains free from bacteria and germs? When did you have a proper oven cleaning service? if not in the last few months, be careful! Some ovens may have self-cleaning systems but still, there are limitations in them also.

Our professional oven cleaning services include the thorough cleaning of the exterior and the interior. We, in our professional oven cleaning services, will remove the accumulated grease and grime and other contaminants hidden and accumulated in the corners and edges of your oven. With our professional oven cleaning service from the variety of Additional St-Léonard cleaning services, you get yourself a clean, hygienic and sparkling oven. We also ensure that the cleaning services prices are cheap and reasonable that fir you budget.

  • Refrigerator cleaning services

Refrigerators also get plenty of uses including the major one- food storing. This food includes items such as milk, juices, herbs and vegetable, fruits etc. but the hygiene standards gets affected when the bacteria, mold and mildew starts growing because you did not get the time for cleaning the spills of drinks or removing rotten items from the fridge. Proper refrigerator cleaning services from St-Léonard professional cleaning company will help you get your fridge cleaned and sanitized from the bacteria and fungus that grows over time and cause health issues including hepatitis.

  • Green cleaning services

Ménage Total uses natural and green cleaning products for the cleaning of kitchen appliances. So, our cleaning services will not affect your appliances. The use of organic cleaning products in our residential and industrial kitchen cleaning assures that we are providing not only just a clean kitchen but also we take care that the environment and food are also not affected with toxic chemicals.