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Did you ever know that a clean house is beneficial for mental health? The research found that the people who keep the house clean have better physical health and stress less. The cleaning professionals at Ménage Total in STE-Dorothee will clean the house amazingly, thoroughly and make it a safe home.

Ménage Total has customised house cleaning service to meet the need. Our sincere cleaning service will remove the dust, debris and clutter. Using the high-quality vacuum, our cleaners make it possible to get rid of the dirt from the carpet. The house cleaning professionals at Ménage Total in STE-Dorothee actively use the eco-friendly cleaning product to clean your house. This not only clears the germs, dust, bacteria and allergens but also improve the air quality in the home. The cleaning products from us are safe for the kids, pets and adults.


Cleaning Company Ste-Dorothée

The house cleaning service from Ménage Total a leading cleaning company is overall positive. Our customers are pleased with the attention and detail of the service. Our professionalism will please you and the staff is friendly and clean the house in a very short time. The prices of the cleaning service from us are fairly priced.

To request for a free house cleaning estimate simply call us. A customer support representative will visit your house and help you get a reasonable price for the cleaning.

Here are some of the top reasons to hire Ménage Total as your cleaning provider:

  • Hardworking, Trustworthy and reliable cleaning staff.
  • The main concern for us is to do the cleaning job well for customer satisfaction.
  • Budget-friendly and affordable cleaning price.
  • Professional house cleaning with the best cleaning products.
  • Helping the community with safe green cleaning methods.
  • Reputable cleaning service in Montreal, Laval and Longueuil.
  • Experienced cleaning professionals.