Carpet Cleaning Services - Looking for a carpet cleaning on your floor look like all new? Our carpet cleaning services are the main aim on the satisfaction; Our services allow the carpets to dry faster. The main focus on "the drier, cleaner and healthier cleaning". Not to mention, there is no dirt left after cleaning Our professional team never even leave a single stain over the carpet to make the carpet look like new.

We Provide

Not only but also, why do we consider ourselves to be exceptional from other companies? Because we don't provide you dry or steam carpet cleaning service like other ordinary carpet cleaning companies. We offer our customers a more efficient service which customers require. 


Working Concept

First of all, quick cleaning is a tough job. We can give back the carpet within an adequately short time on other companies. We can ensure you the best quality cleaning and quick return as your needs.

Not to mention. Besides, stains give an awkward look. So it is essential to remove those stains from carpet. We remove stains from carpet by using a special treatment which ensures the safety of your carpet. Bad smell of carpets turns your living place or workplace into a disgusting place. 

Green products won't harm your carpet as well as our environment. As little children and pets play on the mats, so it is a subject of great concern to keep it free from all harmful constituents. Also, for this purpose, we use nontoxic chemicals in cleaning your carpet, which is eco-friendly for our environment and is safe for your children and pets.

After all, Our cheap carpet cleaning services help you not only by providing cleaning services but also by providing you tips for the better use of your carpet.

Not only this, but we also provide you with house cleaning services, apartment cleaning, and office commercial cleaning services.

Completion of work

After all, work and dedication is the motto of our carpet cleaning service. Also, they are passionate about their work. We run the whole cleaning process under thorough supervision. Contact us and get your carpet clean quickly. We did many projects in Carpet Cleaning Services in the cities like Montreal, Laval & Quebec. 

Why Carpet Cleaning is So Much Important

There are many advantages of carpet, and there are some disadvantages to carpets. The main problem of rugs is that they are the flooring, and they tend to attract dust, dirt, and other particles more than any other flooring. But this is nothing before the countless advantages of carpets. To avoid this problem, you have an option to keep it clean yourself, or you can hire professional cleaners to clean the house carpet. Menage Total knows the importance of carpet cleaning; it is essential to keep it clean. Carpet is one of your assets which you can not change frequently. The best way to prevent this asset in an optimized form is to get it clean by professional cleaners like Menage Total.

If you leave it untidy and unclean, you are likely to invite dirt and germs to your space. As everyone knows, colossal foot traffic comes on it, and it gets dirty with every footstep. The dust stuck into the threads of the carpet, and this is a dangerous condition for the quality and durability of the rug. Dust, dirt, and sand particles cut the threads of the carpet like blades. Over time, if you don't get it clean thoroughly, your carpet will likely to lose its quality, colour, and appearance. 

The Proper Way to Clean a Carpet

You might be wonderous that is there any proper way to clean a Carpet Cleaning Services? If you are astonished to hear this, you should keep it in your mind that a mere dusting is not more than enough to keep it clean and hygienic. We know this that you wipe off the dust from the carpet and vacuum it regularly. But your vacuumer has not such power to lift the stuck dirt and dust from the carpet threads. It needs professional and high power steam vacuumers to clean it thoroughly. There is a proper way to clean a carpet. Let's have a look at the adequate procedure to disinfect your carpet. No matter the carpet is in your house, apartment, hotel, or any other commercial space.

What You Should Before Cleaning 

There are some essential tasks that you should do before starting cleaning the carpet. You might say what the tasks which we should perform before starting the cleaning work are? Just have a look at following points.

  • Assess the condition of the carpet
  • Find out the amount of foot traffic and wear and tear of it
  • Find out the nature of stains and determine the likely causes of them to occur
  • Make sure there are no such stains that are impossible to remove.
  • Now you can vacuum it.

You should make sure these points and then rush yourself towards carpet washing. When you have detected these points, just start Carpet Cleaning Services it thoroughly.

Remove Clutter and Pets Hair

The very first step to cleaning your carpet is to remove all the objects from the carpet. Lift toys, papers, clothes, shoes, and all other objects lying on it. If you are a pet lover, then there are huge chances that there may be the pet's hair on it. The best way to remove pets hair is to use rubber gloves and rub it with care.

Remove Stains, Spots, and Spills

If there are any dust spots, stains, and drink spills, you should remove it first. Make a solution using detergent and warm water. You can use baking powder or bleach to the carpet and let it sit on the spots for more than an hour. When it has taken an hour, you will see that the places get loosen now you can clean them with less effort and time. 

Here it is essential to mention if there is a chewing gum stick on the carpet, it will not be easy to remove it. Just stop here don't snatch it, apply some ice on it. Put the ice cubes on it and let it for a few minutes. It will get harder, and now you can easily remove it from the carpet.

Steam Vacuuming

Start your work, not with merely wiping off the dust from the Carpet Cleaning Services but apply high power steam vacuum on it and make sure you have maximum lift amount of dirt, dust, and sand particles from the carpet. When you have completed vacuuming, you are ready to wash your carpet with hot water. 

Cleaning The Carpet (Warm Water Extraction Method)

Hot water is very fruitful because it loosens the stuck dirt and makes it easy to clean the carpet. Furthermore, it kills the germs and bacterias from it make it fully hygienic and organic. Make a solution of warm water and detergent apply it and rub it gently. You can use baking powder as well. It is one of the organic Carpet Cleaning Services products and gives you the best results. 

Let it gets dry in the air and sun

When you have completed the cleaning and carpet washing process. Now get it out of the room and let it gets dry in the wind and sun. The rays of the sun will help to kill the germs which have left behind. Let it there for one hour or more. When you realize that it is dry and not moisture is left behind. Take it inside the room and keep it at its place. 

Again apply vacuumer at the carpet this time use a narrow nozzle on it this will pick all the sand particles from the carpet. If you use a steam vacuum, it is far better than an ordinary and low power vacuum machine. This is very important to vacuum it after washing them because there are chances that the sand particles are mixed in the water while cleaning it. So a detailed vacuuming in beneficial to remove all the dirt, dust, and sand particles which have left behind.

Availability of Our Services

These tasks are not so easy for a non-specialist to perform, but our professionals are fully trained, and they have experience of many years. We have a proper way to deal with all kinds of cleaning related problems and issues. Menage Total has developed a separate work plan for every cleaning task. The approach to clean your bedroom can not be applied to the cleaning of the kitchen or drawing-room. There is a different approach to the cleaning of each space. 

Our professional cleaning services are available 24 hours and 365 days a year. You can hire our services anytime round the clock. We take pride in serving our customers according to their requirements and needs. Furthermore, we assume you to the next level of quality services. No one can beat us in the pricing factor we offer you our best cleaning services at comparatively low rates. Even if our prices for our services are small, but we never compromise on the quality and standard of services. You will get your desired quality services each time you hire the Menage Total for deep carpet cleaning and the rest of the cleaning services.

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