Weekly Cleaning Services

Menage Total Cleaning Service Montreal overall has long stretches of involvement in the cleaning business overall. In fact, Menage Total Cleaning Service Montreal has altered the cleaning project to address your issues. Not only but also, Menage Total Cleaning Service Montreal is focused on furnishing your home or office. The best quality cleaning at aggressive costs.  Overall, we work in private and business cleaning. So weekly Cleaning Services are important for different people, places, and spaces. There are places that need a detailed cleaning service after a week or a month. In those places weekly and monthly cleaning services are suitable.

In fact, our teams are devoted to their calling. They are mindful of detail and take individual pride in their work after all. Not only but also, regardless of whether home or office. In fact, we will likely make your own space the cleanest. Overall,  it very well may be while alleviating you of that undertaking.

Moreover, we take extraordinary pride in our notoriety for quality administration and unwavering quality overall.  In fact, our workers usually have the correct devices and aptitudes to guarantee.  Our tidy up execution surpasses your desires overall.

Menage Total Proudly Offer you Weekly Cleaning Services

There are many places and spots which need a complete, comprehensive, and detailed cleaning services after a specific time span. For instance, in a house, you have furniture, carpet, air duct, and a steel fixture. So you do not clean these objects on a daily basis thoroughly these need more than a mere dusting. To keep them new and in good condition, people ask for weekly cleaning services and sometimes monthly cleaning services. After these services, your assets will look like a new one. So if you leave them unclean and do not maintain them properly you may face loss. Your asset will reduce the quality and will lose its color, comfort, and durability with the passage of time.

Menage Total advises you to keep them neat, clean, and organized. If you want to hire our professional Weekly Cleaning Services you just let us know. We are professional in this type of cleaning, manage your assets in its genuine condition. So you have invested a huge amount in these assets and it is very important to maintain their quality and durability.

Similarly, in offices, people invest a big amount of furnishing. Every office has furniture, stainless steel fixture, electronic appliances, and devices. These are very important to build a good image of an office. If your office equipment is sub-standard and not well maintained. It will give an impression of unprofessionalism. On the other hand, a well maintained, perfectly organized, and a clean office conveys a good message of professionalism to the others.

Our Weekly Cleaning Services

Weekly cleaning services are one of the basic needs in every space. Maintaining a place requires not only daily cleaning of surfaces but also the weekly cleaning services to maintain the quality of assets and protect the original shape.

Weekly House Cleaning Works

As mentioned above, every house has some assets which you can use over a number of years if they are perfectly maintained. For instance, furniture, air duct, carpet, electric appliances, and other assets. They require regular cleaning and maintenance services. So menage total provides you all the required cleaning services in this regard. We offer you the following weekly cleaning services.

It is one of the objects which crucially need deep cleaning services after a specified time period. Menage Total provides you an elegant and exceptional carpet cleaning. We know a mere dusting can not assure you a clean, tidy and germs free carpet. That's why we offer you weekly carpet cleaning services. Our cleaning staff performs steam vacuuming to lift dust and sand particles from the carpet. After that, they wash it thoroughly to make it clean. So we take a lot of care in carpet washing we use chemical-free ingredients in making a solution we apply it on the carpet and wash it.

If there are spots and spills on the carpet we clean it first. So we pour the solution on it and rub it gently to remove the spots and stains from the carpet. We use rubber gloves to lift the pet's hair from the carpet. In fact, we remove all the bacterias and germs from your carpet. This cleaning enlarges its useful life and saves threads from cutting by dust and sand particles.

  • Furniture Cleaning and Maintaining Works

Furniture cleaning is very crucial everywhere even if it is your office, house, or apartment. If your furniture is not neat and clean. You will not like to use that. It is definitely a huge investment you can not change it frequently. The best option is to keep it neat, clean, and maintained. So you can not clean sofas, couches, beds, tables, chairs, and other objects on a daily basis. If you want to get professional cleaning services for the maintenance of your furniture just let us know. Menage Total is the leading company in cleaning your furniture in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil.

Our cleaning staff cleans your bed remove stubborn dust spots from the frame. If you let it unclean over a long period of time it will reduce its quality and durability. Our professionals clean the wooden furniture with care because is very important to clean it otherwise it reduces its quality with the passage of time.

 Air Duct Cleaning

You can not ignore the cleanliness of your air duct it keeps the air quality of your house good and pure. If your air duct is not clean the air quality of your house will be sub-standard and impure. This can cause frequent sneezing if it gets serious it can cause skin infection. It is inevitable to keep the air duct clean and tidy. Menage Total is the leading cleaning company that cleans the air duct full of care and attention.

Our cleaning staff cleans the rust, and dust stuck to the walls of the air duct. Using the high powered vacuum they clean the hard stuck dust on the air duct. Remove it with care and seal the air leaking. It saves energy and reduces the cooling bill. Remove all the heat exchanger clean it and fix it again. Using soft bristle brush we clean air duct walls and remove all the stuck dust layers.

Garage Cleaning Services

There are some portions in every space which are very tough to clean. The garage is one of them, people keep all their useless and extra things there in the garage. The most cluttered place is the garage and people ignore it intentionally. Some people get weekly cleaning services for their garage but mostly hire services twice a month. If you want to keep your garage neat, clean and well organized you should not worry about it. Just let the Menage Total know what are your requirements and needs. We are professional cleaners and deal with garage cleaning according to your expectations and needs.

We have a standard framework for garage cleaning. A perfect work plan from beginning to end. Each and every task bears a level of professionalism. Our professional cleaners remove all the spots, stains, greasy stains, oil spills, and stubborn dust spots from the walls and floor. In short, we assure you a neat, clean, and perfectly organized garage where you will have more space for more items.

Lawn Cleaning and Organizing Work

Every house has a small lawn some may have a comparatively big lawn. People sit there and enjoy themselves. They spent their leisure time there and have a gossip with their loved ones. If the lawn is unclean, rough, and unorganized you will not feel good there. If you want to have your dreamed lawn just contact the menage total we are the leading company that deals with lawn cleaning full of care and dedication. Our professional cleaning staff uses advanced techniques to clean your lawn.

They cut the rough grass keep it at an appropriate level. Trim the branches of the plants, remove the weeds and prevent them to grow again. Planting the new flower plants to make it more attractive and beautiful.

Roof, Ceiling, and Stainless Steel Fixture Cleaning

People do not clean their roof, ceiling, and stainless steel fixture on a daily basis. With the passage of time dust gather and makes awkward dust spots and stains. These spots ruin the beauty of your well-decored place. Our cleaners deal with this issue in a professional way. They start cleaning from the roof and gather all the trash in one place. Keep it in the trash bag carefully after them they clean ceiling.

Ceiling cleaning takes much time. They clean the stainless steel fixture of lights, fans, and walls. Ceiling cleaning is not very familiar but it can make space looks better.

We are proudly offering you all these Weekly Cleaning Services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. Feel free to contact us you can visit our office anytime during working days. We feel pleasure in serving you just be a partner with us and feel the excellence and quality of our cleaning services.


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